Vegan Nation is a 1/2 hr. news & music program that broadcasts on 91.3 FM Worcester Community radio, Massachusetts, USA,. Listen to the ON AIR broadcast also here: wcuw.org every  Thursday 4 pm to 4:30 pm Eastern time . Hosted by Marlene Narrow.

Archives: wcuw.org/vegannation.  vegansradio.wordpress.com

NOTE:  As of February 1, 2018, Vegan Nation’s new ON AIR time at WCUW 91.3 FM wcuw.org is 4 pm on Thursdays.

Vegan Nation is one campaign of Vegans Rising.   Vegans rising represents the emerging paradigm of the embodiment of unconditional love & compassion – the foundation of Veganism.   Marlene Narrow is also a member of World Peace Writers – a collective of Vegan writers, www.worldpeacewriters.org.

The Vegan evolution revolution has begun.

* We help children, men, and women draw the connection between Veganism and a non-violent world.

* We recognize that a herderic-carnist society, century after century, is the root cause of the interlocking forces that perpetuate violence against girls, boys, women and men.  We understand that violence which implodes manifests as disease (physical & mental); and violence that explodes manifests as domestic & society violence and wars.

* We realize that animal agriculture, including  the egg and dairy industries, are exploitive, oppressive, unjust, and abusive to primarily females and their young offspring; and we understand that these vibrations of violence, fear, oppression, exploitation, betrayal, and injustice, inevitably, boomerang back to womankind, psychologically, culturally, and physically throughout infinite space and time, generation after generation.

* We are activists to stop and finally end the cycles of violence and suffering.


Vegans Rising is a health & social justice intersectionality campaign. Upcoming campaigns include: Vegans Rising with One Billion Rising, February 14; Vegans Rising on Earth Day, April 22; Vegans Rising on IInternational Day of Peace, September 21.